Is it time for a dental check-up?

Woman is having Dental Checkup at Albany Dental Gosford

It is advised by dental professionals that patients come in for regular 6 monthly check and cleans.
In these appointments as well as checking the teeth for signs of decay or gum disease, the dentist will screen for oral disease including indicators of; infections (fungal and bacterial), early signs of oral cancers or abnormal tissues; even diabetes can show symptoms in the head and neck region. Other things that may be examined include your jaw joint (TMJ) and chewing muscles (muscles of mastication) to check for any abnormalities.
By this time most patients will also require a scale and polish to remove any build up of plaque and calculus from the teeth and prevent any gum disease from progressing to an irreversible stage or periodontitis. Regular visits make these appointments more comfortable and efficient for patients.
Check with your health fund to find out whether they will cover two dental check-ups per year and book in to help prevent disease.

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