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Endodontic Treatments

Root Canal (Otherwise known as endodontic treatment) is an invasive procedure and must be done by experts.

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What Is A Root Canal?

Albany Dental provides affordable root canal treatment in Gosford. If you have teeth that have suddenly become sensitive or painful, you may be dealing with a bacterial infection. Inside each of your tooth, there is a hollow chamber, referred to as the root canal.

The root canal is filled with pulp tissue, which are nerve endings and blood vessels that, if infected with bacteria, can cause extreme pain and sensitivity

The key to resolving root canal issues is prompt treatment. So, if you are experiencing:

Endodontic Treatment

At Albany Dental, we focus on the big picture. We aren’t the type of dental clinic to rush you through your procedure and leave it at that. Instead, we sit down with each and every one of our clients to inform, educate and bring them in on our decision making.

You will receive, in complete detail, an overview of your treatment plan, including all options available to you.

Endodontic treatment will not be everyone’s first or best option, so we recommend booking a consultation with our dentists to discuss your oral health in-depth.

During this time, you can ask us any questions and we will do our best to relieve any anxiety or stress related to your procedure. 

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Root Canal Extraction — Dentist In Gosford, NSW

Root Canal Infections

To put it simply, a root canal infection is most commonly caused by years of consistently poor oral hygiene. The natural shape and curve of your tooth can also influence the likelihood of getting an infection.

Whilst you may be sick of hearing this, brushing and flossing at least twice a day is the best way to avoid serious dental issues.

We want to help you avoid root canal treatments as much as you do, so we highly recommend you to schedule a 6 monthly, or annual general dental check up to ensure any small problems can be resolved early.

To book in your check up today, you can reach us on 02 4324 1181.

What’s The Root Canal Process?

During your root canal treatment, otherwise referred to as endodontic treatment, our dentists have just one goal in mind: saving your teeth.

We will use precision and care to remove infected, inflamed, or dead dental pulp tissues to prevent further spread to your other teeth.

We will then clean and disinfect the root canal space and seal it with an artificial substitute. This substitute allows your tooth to return to total health and function as usual.

If an infection has caused a great deal of structural damage to your teeth, restoration may not be an option for you and we may need to permanently remove the tooth.

In this case, our professionals will discuss with you the recommended dental treatment options suited to your circumstance – whether it be dentures, crowns or bridges.

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Please get in touch with the dentists at Albany Dental. Our team will assess the tooth or teeth of concern and recommend professional root canal treatment options based on your results.

If you are experiencing extreme pain, our clinic keep emergency appointments free each day to ensure we can assist you as soon as possible.

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Dentist Checking Up Woman's Teeth — Dentist In Gosford, NSW
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