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Veneers can last anywhere from 5-15 years, depending on the type of veneers used, the individual’s oral hygiene habits and the amount of wear and tear on the veneers. Please speak to our experts to discuss how you can get the most out of your veneers

Veneers are designed to look like natural teeth and are custom crafted to fit over the front of a person’s teeth. In the hands of an experienced cosmetic dentist, veneers can look very natural.

Veneers are typically not painful. Local anaesthesia may be used during the placement of veneers to minimise discomfort, and most patients report only slight soreness during the procedure.

Veneers can be removed if necessary, but this will require the help of a dentist. Removing veneers may result in the loss of part of the natural tooth structure.

No, you can eat regular food; However, just like with your natural teeth, we recommend you avoid chewing your fingernails or biting into hard objects to protect your veneers.

Like your natural teeth, you can thoroughly clean veneers with a toothbrush—and don’t forget to floss!

The two most common materials for veneers are porcelain and composite; the best option for you will depend on your individual needs and budget, although porcelain veneers are typically higher quality and longer lasting.

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