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Teeth Whitening Gosford

At Albany Dental, we use bleaching products to whiten your teeth. People who use these cosmetic dental treatments often come to our practice feeling insecure and upset about the colour of their teeth.

Our teeth naturally become discoloured and stained throughout our lifetime. A mix of everyday activities, diets, and lifestyle choices can significantly affect the colour of our teeth. Some of us drink more coffee than others. Some of us enjoy a daily soft drink or a glass of wine. Common beverages, medications, and smoking cigarettes can all be considered contributing factors.

Having your teeth whitened can restore the appearance of your teeth and have you showing off those pearly whites again in no time.

If you are interested in teeth whitening treatments, please visit our dental clinic in Gosford to browse our range of take-home teeth whitening kits.

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When you have missing, loose, or decaying teeth, chances are you’re feeling both irritated and uncomfortable. A slight discomfort, however, can quickly develop into serious dental problems involving mild to severe pain. So, the next time you’re wobbling around a loose tooth, give our dental team a call to enquire about our affordable implant solutions.

Albany Dental offers long-lasting cosmetic tooth implants for patients requiring single-tooth implant crowns, full-arch implant-supported dentures and bridges, and everything in between. Our dentists can perform this procedure on awake or under anaesthesia patients, whatever makes you the most comfortable.

Fillings & Veneers

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We create tooth fillings using high-grade porcelain or composite material. Fillings are an extremely common procedure and are used to protect a tooth from further damage.

When you receive fillings with Albany Dental, you won’t have to worry about them being noticeable. Our fillings are designed to match your teeth’s exact colour, shape, texture, and translucency for complete concealment.

Before beginning treatment, we apply an anaesthetic spray around the affected tooth. Our dentists will remove the decay (drill) after numbing the area.

A porcelain or composite material may be used in your case, depending on your needs. After this, the dentist will ensure that your bite and functionality are restored.

The average filling treatment can take anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the size and number of fillings required.

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Crowns & Bridges

Fillings aren’t always the right option for everyone. This is why at Albany Dental, we also offer custom-made crowns and bridges.

These solutions are popular in Australia, and for good reason. Crowns and bridges are suitable for various problems, offering strength and stability to teeth with a compromised structure. These devices are permanent, although you’re likely to forget that it’s even there!

Due to their fully customised build, our crowns and bridges allow you to enjoy the same look and feel of a natural tooth. Your dental crown or bridge is built for one smile and one smile only, and that’s yours.

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Cosmetic Dental & General Dentistry — Dentist In Gosford, NSW

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Cosmetic Dental — Dentist In Gosford, NSW
Dentist — Dentist In Gosford, NSW
Cosmetic Dental — Dentist In Gosford, NSW
Dentist — Dentist In Gosford, NSW
Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth Whitening Tips from Dentist at Gosford

Simply let us know that you are interested in whitening your teeth, and we will examine your teeth to ensure they are suited to our whitening process.

If they are, we can start the process immediately by taking impressions of your teeth so your custom-made tray can be made. After one week’s time, you will be appointed and issued with your custom take-home whitening kit and instructions.

Most patients achieve their desired whitening result in 10-14 days. Get the best teeth whitening solution from the best dentist in Gosford.

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