Interdental Cleaning

Interdental cleaning plays a vital role in improving gum health and preventing tooth decay.

This should be a key part of daily oral health routines for both children and adults and is considered to be just as important as brushing.

No matter how well you brush your teeth, tooth brush bristles have minimal access to the spaces between our teeth.

Cleaning between the teeth removes food debris and bacteria that can cause a negative effect on our oral health that contributes in reducing gum disease or tooth decay developing.

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The most common form of interdental cleaning is dental floss, this is usually ideal if the gap between the teeth is narrow, if you have open spaces and techniques such as dental floss are not enough then it is recommended to use interdental brushes.


Floss is the most common form of interdental cleaning. Floss can remove up to 80 percent of bacteria


This is particularly good for parents to be able to floss children’s teeth, or children who are learning to floss. Also helps those who have decreased fine motor skills or find they have trouble accessing areas of their mouth.

See this video here from Piksters.

Interdental brushes:

Interdental brushes are practical and another alternative to flossing, and can be more effective than regular floss, they can be helpful for those undergoing orthodontic treatment or have a larger space between the teeth. They look similar to a tiny bottle brush cleaner and are available in multiple sizes – it is recommended to consult with your practitioner to get the correct size and technique demonstrated.

Check out this video on how to care for your interdental brushes.

Cleaning between your teeth should be added into your daily oral hygiene routine, and advised to be done at least once a day. If you are new to interdental cleaning, start by dedicating one night a week and slowly increase days each week, before you know it something that will first seem like a chore will be part of your routine, and you will start to notice the benefits and how great your mouth feels! However, if you’d like more help, feel free to call us or book online to make an appointment.

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