Dental budgets to consider this Christmas

From comparing health funds to bulk-billing, there is a lot to consider when paying for your Gosford dentist appointment. Here are some things to consider in our handy guide.

paper money to resemble dental budgets

Calendar vs. financial year

Every health fund is different and the way they count what a year is varies. Some operate on a calendar year basis (HCF, Bupa, CBHS come to mind), and some operate within a financial year. There is an option they may even look at your joining date and work out your membership year. Knowing when your limits restart helps to schedule your treatment to get the most out of your policy.

Understand your limits

The best way to approach looking at your health fund is to look at their product disclosure statement and individual policy information. Some will allocate one or two check-up and cleans per year for dental, while others allocate a percentage of the treatment. Similarly, some will allocate set amounts per person or per family, depending on not only the health fund but also the level of policy. The best way to find out this information is straight from the source. Once you know what your limit is for your policy, you can then make sure to book in and get that check-up before the end of the year. By keeping on top of regular check-ups at the dentist, it means any issues can be identified before they become big and expensive problems. Meaning not only is it better for your health, but your wallet too! And we all like that.

Regularly review your health insurance

Your family’s circumstances may change from time to time. Review your health insurance regularly to make sure it still meets your health needs and circumstances. For example, if you chose a cover designed for young people, as you get older you will need to consider whether you still want lower benefits for some restricted treatments. The types of treatments restricted on some of these products include things like joint replacements, obstetrics, or cardiac surgery. Make sure you look at credible sources for this information and seek clarification from the health fund for answers.

Bulk-billing dentist Gosford

Another aspect to consider is that we are a bulk-billing dentist in Gosford. Some families are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) from the government. This scheme gives eligible children $1013 every two years for dental check-ups and other treatment. If this applies to you and your family, it is good to use this in conjunction with your health fund. By using the CDBS for your children’s check-ups, it may leave more in your family policy for the adults to use, if your health fund is one that allocates extras cover per family rather than per individual. However, it is best to check with Medicare and with your fund to see if this applies to you and your circumstances. At Albany Dental, we are a bulk-billed dentist and are ready to claim on your behalf for the CDBS.

Assess often

Health funds can change the benefits they pay, and the services included on your policy. It is worth checking your health insurance regularly and comparing it with other policies in the marketplace. A great tool you can use is on the Choice website. With 40 health insurance providers in Australia, it’s best to be thorough and check what is best for your family. Be mindful however, that when changing health funds, you may need to serve another waiting period. Always best to ask and check before changing anything on your policy. There is no ‘one best private health fund’ that will satisfy everyone’s requirements all the time.

Family rebate

At Albany Dental, we offer gap-free preventative care for families who come every six months. This service would start at your 2nd family visit, where we would discount the gap payment. This discount applies to examinations, scale and polish, fluoride and preventative x-rays.

One last tip! The end of the calendar year and financial year are always busy times at Albany Dental as our patients seek to use their remaining benefits. So, if you are wanting to get the most out of your policy, its best to call up early or book online.

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